Monday, 6 April 2009

Antique treasures...

Trying really hard at the moment to be cheerful, and not get angry - sort of doing anger management on myself. Cos work and driving and other aspects of my life have been generally making me angry, but it's got to the point where it's almost completely irrational anger, and it's making me unhappy. So I'm stopping it! But it's hard. There are just so many things that wind me up!!!!

M and I have taken up swimming - we're planning to go at least once a week for an hour or so, then relax in the sauna and steam room.
So far it has definately helped, been really relaxing...
Didn't realise that he was trained as a lifeguard and really loves swimming. Strange the hidden depths you find out about people over time, the things people think aren't important enough to mention. He says he's going to teach me to swim, as at the moment I flounder somewhere between sinking and floating along :p

Oh, and I bought a new car :) It's definately helping with the road frustration. Feel a lot safer in it, and can overtake with a lot more ease! lol. Pictures to come soon!! (once I've cleaned it hehe)
I had a day out with my friend Abi from work on my last day off and we went to a beautiful antique shop in Holt. We got a little carried away... Bought these awesome old tins to store my seeds in
and this crazy book of fairytales, unlike anything I have ever read. Thinking of drawing some illustrations to go with them :)

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