Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Happy Birthday!

Made some sparkly poppy-ish biscuits for someone's special birthday... That edible glitter does look good, but such a pain to use!! Made LOTS of mess :) nerrrmind eh.

Back to normal now, back at work - boring boring boring. And cold. Lol. Even in the mountains in India I wasn't this cold. Just takes some getting used to it again. All the daffodils have opened up, and there's signs of some tulips too - not sure where they came from, they weren't there last year!!!!
And all these gorgeous violas have popped up in the grass. Haven't got the heart to cut it, will just have to go around them. Spring makes the kitten go slightly bonkers. He's really suffering with matted fur at the moment, even though he gets brushed all the time! It's all the tree climbing that does it, twigs in his fur... poor thing.

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