Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Daffs, hooray!

The weather seems to be brightening up at last. I'm dreaming about hot summer days where I finally get to wear my gladiator sandals!! Been in the garden quite a bit - seem to have picked up some new friends!

This is a bee fly - they like violets apparently!

Coming to the end of the daffodils now :(
we've had some good ones. I'm starting a little collection - I've counted 8 different types so far

M and I went to look at a cottage that was for sale!!!! We were very excited about it. It had a beautiful garden plot too, just the perfect size in incorporate my flowers and his veg plot. But it's going up for auction next week, so it's a bit short notice for us to get ourselves sorted. Maybe another time. Still, it seems like a mahussive step to even be contemplating it...

The swimming is going really well. M forced me into the deep end the other day, because he thinks I can actually swim, I'm just not comfortable enough in the water. And it really helped. I really think I am improving. Dreamt last night about diving in and doing about a hundred lengths, but I think I've got a while to go before that hehe

I've also applied for a new job, but not being too hopeful I won't go into any of the details and we'll just see how it goes...

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