Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Claire's wedding...

A lovely wedding at the weekend. Everything went just as it should. I really enjoyed taking photographs, and it definately gave me an insight into what it must be like to have this as a job. Very very difficult!
My present to the bride and groom was disposable cameras on all their tables - Personally I can't wait to get those developed, bet there are some hilarious ones on there. Trouble is, where to take them and get them done. The people in Jessops were rude and unhelpful last time I went in there (which is unusual for Jessops in my experience) and there really isn't anywhere else, except like Boots and Tescos and I'm not sure what their quality is like these days. And I expect it depends quite a lot on who you get on the day!
Still, can't wait to see those pics :p

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  1. Asda use the same machines as Boots for processing film so could be worth checking out. xx