Friday, 25 November 2011

Plants you should have in your garden...

This is the time of year when I usually get carried away looking through plant catalogues, making long long lists and buying packets and packets of seed that I inevitably don't have space for. Usually.

This year however, I've started to think about which plants I really love in my garden, and about whether just more of the same repeated over and over would actually have more impact.
Why have any plants at all that you don't absolutely love!?


Here are the beautiful plants which have won my heart and made the final cut...

Sweetpeas - remind me of my Nan

Verbena bonariensis

Scabious 'paper moon' - normally bought for the seed heads, which are fantastic, but I didn't realise they had such beautiful pearly purple blue flowers. I soon wished I had grown more this year...

Daffodils - my favourites are the miniatures 'Baby Moon' and 'Canaliculatus' and a sweet smelling star-shaped sunshine coloured one that appeared in the garden which I am still trying to identify. Smells like jasmine. Beoootiful :)


Poppies - all except the super ruffly and wishy washy coloured ones

Tulips - This year I have some new bright red ones 'red hat' and flaming spring green Viridiflora ones

All salvias. My favourites of the moment are Blackcurrant Sage 'Salvia microphylla' and Tangerine Sage 'Salvia elegans' which both smell absolutely AMAZING!!! Currently living in my greenhouse, still happily in flower...

Iris chrysographes - new buy for spring so we'll see.

I love irises, and am hoping for a couple to try from Claire Austen's site next year :)

Maybe these ones... Iris 'Bumblebee Deelite'

Penstemons - got a cheapy one from Morrisons. Turned out to be the most beautiful deep pink colour which really thrived, and now the greenhouse is full of its cuttings. Fingers crossed for those!


Astrantias - any colour. All of them are gorgeous.

Grasses. Lots of grasses.

More poppies...

Oh and plenty of other things come to think of it. Borage, foxgloves, sweet williams, roses, honeysuckle, fruit bushes of all kinds, cornflowers, rudbeckia, some more penstemon, sedums, gladioli, delphiniums, achillea, anemones, asters, ferns, potentilla, echinacea, helenium, pelargoniums, dahlias, phormiums, snowdrops, sunflowers, ranunculus, aquilegia, crocuses...

I got carried away again didn't I...

Maybe it's time for a cuppa then. And possibly a quick flick through the new suttons seeds catalogue.....

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