Monday, 23 November 2009

white christmas please!

For some time now I have been jealous of the americans, and their beautiful white iced cupcakes. This has posed a problem for me... because it always looks suspiciously like butter icing, so not just water and icing sugar or royal icing which will of course go very hard.....
However, using butter has always given me a yellowy butter icing (obviously),
so how do they do it??
Apparently it's because they use shortening, and some complicated recipe with egg whites and cream of tartar or corn syrup and all that kinda jazz.
This kind of icing does not appeal to me. YUCK. Apparently it does not give a great flavour, and also bestows a lovely vaseline-esque coating on your tongue.

So - I came up with a solution. The coconut oil solid cooking stuff that M's mum gave me! So yeh it tastes of coconut, but what could be wrong with that. So today I tried it out. Chocolate cupcakes topped with my usual butter icing recipe, only I used this crazy coconoil stuff instead of butter

mm mmmmmmm tasty
and super super white

Want one?

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