Friday, 3 July 2009

Country living...

I love it that when I remark to M "oh there's lots of traffic on the road today..." that usually means that we've passed more than 2 cars or a tractor on the way from mine to his, or the other way. One of the advantages of country living I suppose.
Makes me think though, there are plenty of disadvantages to living in the country, as there are in the city. And plenty of advantages too. Equally?? I'm not sure. So how do you decide where to be? Supposing that you are lucky enough that your job doesn't dictate where you buy a house that is. How do you decide where to make your home, where to bring up your children? Knowing that if you pick the city they will suffer some disadvantages but have other advantages, and the same for the country.
I'm still getting used to the idea that in the country everyone knows everyone else, and not only that, but all their business too. I am far too private a person to find this to my liking...
And being so far from everything is a nightmare. I travel half an hour for work, half an hour to my hairdressers, 40 minutes to M's (depending on tractor traffic), half an hour to the city to do any shopping. I suppose compared to some people I am lucky actually. And lucky to have a car enabling me to travel. And a not half bad public transport service. (Though why they have radiators on in the bus in the summer will always confuse me tres much! Sweltering!!)
I suppose I am just pondering about where to settle myself. I feel quite settled here. But there is a large part of me that wants to travel and see the world, and check out other places before I decide to make my home somewhere. I could live in Wales, or Scotland, or the Midlands, or abroad! I could live on a boat, in a cottage, in an apartment block. How do you make these decisions when there are so many possibilities!!??! I think I will go and ponder outside and shrug off my worries in the sunshine....

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