Friday, 31 July 2009

Sunshine and arty things

Beautiful day to be out in the garden! My avocado is doing really well after months of being lovingly coaxed into life :) Just need a greenhouse now for it to live in...

Started a painting for my mum too - Bit gothic. Much more so than I intended. But then that's bound to happen when she wants a cross/crucifix, with the colours black, brown, red and white... Not a lot I could do about it really, right?! Feel like this is most artistic I've been in about a year! so it's a good job I left uni and didn't decide to become an artist, because I'd definately be a starving one!
Pony came to visit last weekend from Luga, which was ace!! We went all along the coast and the weather held out for us too. She made me think about making jewellery again, so I've been out to get some bits and pieces. I used to make loads, all kindsa different stuff... Watch this space!!
I also found my toolbox and some clay left in the garage since I left uni. Had a go at making a little pot. As you can see, I'm a bit rusty. Sometimes I wish I'd just gritted my teeth and finished it. I think it's actually something I could be really good at... Oh well. I might look into doing an evening class or something. There must be one around here somewhere.....

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